From the Manage Account tab, you will be able to manage who has access to your Sellics account, and which modules they can utilize.

When you are set as Account Admin, you have permission to add and delete users (to delete a fellow admin, you need to first remove their Admin access). You can also edit the permission of each user to access different modules, markets, and tags.

Only the original account admin can add another user as admin of the account.

if you click on your Account at the bottom left, the first Tab is Settings, where you can change your Language or change your login password:

​The second Tab is Team, where you can add new users who will be able to use your Account and the software features you wish as well:

Under Connected Amazon Accounts you can add more Advertising, MWS Integrations or upload Products manually:

Finally, under Subscriptions& Payments you can change your billing address or update your billing info and payment methods or cancel your Account.

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