The new Sellics “Smart Campaigns [Beta]” is a campaign creation wizard that enables you to create a best practice, automated set of Sponsored Products campaigns for each of your ASINs with ease - no in-depth advertising knowledge required.

You can access it via the navigation bar in your Advertising feature:

It is an industry-wide Amazon PPC best practice to combine several different campaigns and targeting methods for each product in a campaign structure to achieve optimal performance.

This approach, however, requires the knowledge to define a good campaign structure and the time to create it - which can quickly amount to 20 - 30 minutes or more for each product. In addition, ongoing optimization requires further time and expertise.

The “Smart Campaigns [Beta]” tool solves this problem by:

  • providing a ready to use best practice campaign structure (consisting of several campaigns and targeting approaches),

  • making the setup of this structure for each product easy and effortless,

  • and by automating ongoing bidding and keyword optimization for the campaigns.

All you need to do are the following steps:

  1. Set your goal (do you want to focus on generating profit or sales?)

  2. Set your budget

  3. Choose at least 1 keyword to start

And that’s it!

Sign up now for free or log into your Sellics account to try it out.

Tip: After creating your Smart Campaigns the feature will set the default bid of your search terms and targets to 1,5 ( for every currency of the marketplace). It is highly suggested that you keep an eye on and change the default bid afterward if it's too high or low for your category. We recommend checking the Benchmarker in order to get an understanding of the average CPC in your category and marketplace.

Check out our Guide for more information:

We also have a quick video tour for the Smart Campaigns [Beta], you can click on the button below to watch the recording:

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