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I am often asked what element of an ASIN listing determines success on Amazon. However, it is impossible to pinpoint one aspect that solely determines a brand's success. The Amazon A9 algorithm looks at every detail of your listing, from your PPC, to review ratings, and responses to questions to determine your Organic Ranking. The Sellics Reviews & Questions Module allows you to manage all of your Amazon customer feedback and relations from one place, improving your chances of conversion, customer satisfaction, and ultimately boosting your Organic Ranking.

Our 'Reviews & Questions' Module allows you to:

  • Manage your customer feedback: Protect your star ratings and control how your brand reputation develops on Amazon.

  • Manage your reviews: Get notified when you receive a negative review and act quickly to minimize damage.

  • Respond promptly to questions: Actively engage with your customers and build a positive relationship to enhance your brand reputation.

Step 1: Upload your ASINs

Go to the Manage Products section, from there you have the option to add the product by individual ASIN or import a bulk list via an Excel file. Reviews and questions will begin populating within 24 hours. You can find a full guide on how to upload your products linked here.

Sellics will continue pulling new reviews and questions automatically on a daily basis.

Step 2: Leverage our Advanced Filters

Whether you manage 100 or 10,000 ASINs, it is important to filter your view of reviews and questions to what matters most. Sellics allows you to filter new reviews by Product ASIN, Tag, Brand, Product Category, Marketplace, and Star Count.

For example, if you only want to see the negative reviews associated with one brand to identify areas for improvement, you can easily filter by the brand name and for reviews with only 1, 2, or 3 stars.

The reviews in your dashboard will automatically update to show you the new reviews you have received in the time period selected.

Step 3: Reply to Questions

Sellics allows you to respond directly to questions on Amazon. When you click for the first time on the "Open on Amazon" button, you will be redirected to the question on Amazon, where you can type in your answer.

Reminder: It is a very common mistake to log in with your individual Amazon login rather than the brand. This will not allow you to reply with the "Manufacturer" badge. If you accidentally make this mistake, please review your login information and login with your brand's credentials. You can find more info on official comments and replies on Amazon at the link here.

Step 4: Leverage the Sellics Workflow

When working on reviews and questions management, it is key to keep an eye on what needs to be done, what is currently being worked on, and what reached completion.

Therefore, Sellics provides a workflow comprised of four different steps:

  • New: This folder will contain all the new reviews or questions that need to be addressed that you have received in the time frame selected. Keep in mind that the amount of "New" reviews changes as you apply filters.

  • In Progress: You can set your review or question to the "Work in Progress" status if you want to save it for later.

  • Done: Set reviews or questions that do not warrant further action to "Done" to indicate completion.

  • Watchlist: If there are reviews or questions to which you have responded and would like to revisit at the later date, Sellics offers a "Watchlist." A potential use case for this watch list is if a review is unsatisfactory and you are expecting the customer to either revise or edit their review after you have followed up with the customer to address their dissatisfaction.

Use the button selection below on each review or question to change its status and move it across the workflow.

Remember, you can manage your "Watchlist" by clicking on the folder in the workflow summary. Here you can see what is currently on "Watch" and a log of all the replies to the questions.

Tip: All the data in the Reviews & Questions Module is exportable (including author, the status of the review, and rating). Clicking on the export button, you will be able to download your reviews and questions in an Excel sheet. Keep in mind that if you have an active filter, your export file will reflect the filter as well. Therefore, if you are filtering your reviews by a specific brand and 1 and 2-star rating, you will only export the negative reviews of that brand.

Step 5: Customer Voice Analytics

From the Analytics tab you can access several data sources on your customer's voice:

  • On the top of the dashboard, a chart details the different review ratings that your products have received across time. This chart is highly customizable. You will be able to select different time frames and time aggregations (daily, weekly, and monthly). It is also possible to apply product ASIN, tag, brand, category, and marketplace filters to refine the chart's data.

  • In the bottom half of the Analytics dashboard, you can access a table that outlines each one of your ASINs with a count of your reviews, question, and an average star rating. Remember to select a longer time frame to visualize a more comprehensive summary.

Step 6: Set Up Alerts

From the Alerts tab, Sellics allows you to create various alerts to always be notified when new reviews or questions come in.

Alerts are also highly customizable: You can easily set up automatic email notifications for specific star ratings (for example, only negative reviews), for different marketplaces, and for specific tags.

Sellics also allows you to select the frequency of these alerts. When you select weekly or monthly, you will tell Sellics the day of the week or the date of the month you would like to receive your alert.

Remember: Email alerts are user-specific, which means each user has to set up their own alerts.

See more for details on how to:

Advanced Settings

Often times there are different people managing reviews and questions of different products or brands. Sellics allows you to display specific products/brands to certain user accounts so that they can view and optimize only what is relevant to them.

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