Individual Amazon Advertising accounts are referred to as Integrations within the Sellics platform.

The tiles you see are placeholders that allow you to create the connection between Sellics and Amazon through the Amazon Advertising API. These are created or removed by your Sellics Account Manager or Sales contact.

To complete an integration follow these steps:

Log Into Sellics and click into the Amazon Advertising Module

Click the integration you would like to connect

A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign in using your Amazon Advertising credentials. *Note that if you do not see this pop up make sure you have disabled your pop-up blocker.

Use the associated credentials to sign in. These credentials will need to have Read/Write access in the Amazon Advertising UI.

Depending on if you are integrating a Vendor Account or a Seller Account and the number of accounts associated with that email you’ll have to choose the correct account from the list.

If it’s a Vendor Central Account it is likely listed by name. If it is a Seller Central Account you’ll need to reference the Merchant Token of the Seller Central Account. More information on how to find this token can be found here.

Additional information:

The reload symbol on the integration tile will break the connection between Sellics and the Amazon Advertising API. You will need to log back in using the steps above to finalize the integration again.

Accounts that have no impressions or spend may not appear on the list. Once a campaign is live and has accrued impressions and clicks, it should appear within a couple of hours.

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