The new Smart Campaigns [Beta] is a campaign creation wizard that enables you to create a best practice, automated set of Sponsored Products campaigns for each of your ASINs with ease - no in-depth advertising knowledge required.

You can check our Step by Step instructions here or check out our starter Guide.

Once you finished all the steps on the Smart Campaigns [Beta] creation Sellics will now start creating the campaigns and use the AI-based algorithm in order to:

1. Change the bids of your Targets.
2. Move Targets from one ad group to another.
3. Negate the Targets that are not getting you any sales.

To get started, your campaign needs to collect data before it can begin making adjustments, so you will not see any changes until day 4 at the


Afterward, it’s absolutely normal to see large performance fluctuations in the first

weeks; these will gradually decrease over time.

Tip: After creating your Smart Campaigns the feature will set the default bid of your search terms and targets to 1,5 ( for every currency of the marketplace). It is highly suggested that you keep an eye on and change the default bid afterward if it's too high or low for your category. We recommend checking the Benchmarker in order to get an understanding of the average CPC in your category and marketplace.

How does automated bidding and targeting work?

Sellics’ PPC optimization algorithm continually makes adjustments to improve your bids and targets. Below is a top-level overview of the logic:

If your ACoS > the target ACoS, then bids will be reduced;

If your ACoS < the target ACoS, then bids will be increased;

High-performing keywords + ASINs will be transferred from Auto to Manual Campaigns for further optimization.

Low-performing keywords + ASINs will be added as negative targets

Important: The AI-based algorithm will use the Target ACoS you have entered at the beginning of your Smart Campaigns [Beta] creation in order to reduce/increase your bids.

Changes are being made once per day.


The AI-based algorithm will decrease the Bid if the ACoS is way higher than your Target ACoS and increase the bid if the ACoS is lower than your Target ACoS.

The Smart Campaigns [Beta] algorithm will constantly adjust your bids daily in order to reach your defined target ACoS.

It will also move Targets to negative if they are not performing well. Please be aware that when you start your Smart campaign we still need to gather some Conversions ( Sales) In order for the AI-based algorithm to get started.

Summary: Sellics’ PPC optimization algorithm continually makes adjustments to improve your bids and targets.

Review all the actions

Next to the Campaign Creator in the Smart Campaigns [Beta] feature lies the ACTION LOG where you can review all the actions:

You can also review all the changes that have been made by the Smart Campaigns [Beta] in the Analyze feature:

Enter the keyword "sellics" and all your Smart Campaigns [Beta] are going to appear with all the perspective changes that were being made for a specific timeframe:

You can also download all the changes from the Action log or changelog within the tool:

Changelog in the Analyze feature:

Note: The Smart Campaigns [Beta] is a standalone feature. This means you don't have to add your Smart Campaigns to other features like the Sponsored Products Automation or the Autopilot.

If you want you can of course edit the Smart campaigns and add more keywords from your other campaigns in order to increase your traffic. You can also check out our Fast-Tracking your Sellics Smart Campaigns Guide for more information:

Check out also our starter Guide for more information:

We also have a quick video tour for the Smart Campaigns [Beta], you can click on the button below to watch the recording:

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