The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] will give you a clear picture of your Amazon PPC performance by comparing your performance KPIs (ACoS, CPC, click-through rate, and conversion rate) to your true competitors’:

  • on Amazon,

  • in your sub-category, and

  • according to ad format (Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands).

The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] report can highlight product-specific growth potential and show you how to make the most of Sellics software.

To get started, request a report, or contact our customer service team for assistance.


Will the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] always be free?

Yes! Access to the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] is completely free and will stay that way.

How do I read my Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] report?

To get the most out of your Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] report, we recommend consulting the user guide - where we’ll walk you through the most common use cases that will help you improve your account. Or if you’re short on time, check out our one-page, quick-start guide.

Can I use the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] to track my Amazon PPC progress?

Absolutely! You’ll receive your first follow-up report in one month from today, and a fresh one each month after that.

Of course, you can opt-out at any time.

When will I get my next report?

You will receive a new report every month, on the same day you requested your original report. Every new report will incorporate data from the previous calendar month.

For example: if you requested your first report on April 6th, you will receive your next report on May 6th - showing updated data from the month of April. If you want to get your report on the 1st day of the month, just request another report for your account on this date to set a new schedule.

How many reports can I get?

There’s no limit to the number of reports or accounts and we’ll automatically deliver an updated report to your inbox each month.

Please note that you will always get a report for the last calendar month. Requesting a new report before the current month has passed will not create an updated report.

Is there a way for me to disconnect my data?

Yes, you can control Amazon Advertising access inside your Amazon account, however please note that

  • This will automatically discontinue future Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] reports from being delivered to you.

  • If you are using the Sellics Software, this will also disconnect your Sellics account. You can, however, connect Sellics again by logging into Sellics and going to the Advertising module.

Find instructions for controlling Amazon Advertising access inside your Amazon account here.

If you are not sure what to do please reach out to us at


What are the benchmarks based on?

The benchmarks are based on an internal Sellics study involving $2.5B in anonymized and aggregated Amazon PPC ad revenue across 170,000 products and 20,000 product categories.

We’re proud that the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] has the most accurate benchmarks in the industry.

How do I know the benchmarks are accurate?

The Benchmarks reported in the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] are based on aggregated and anonymized Amazon PPC data representing $2.5B in ad revenue across 170,000 products and 20,000 product categories.

The data is screened for statistical significance and biases to ensure the accuracy of our benchmarks.

Finally, to avoid muddying the waters with unreliable averages - which can be skewed by outliers - we use medians by percentile instead.

We’re proud that the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] has the most accurate benchmarks in the industry.

Why did I have to choose my category before integrating?

The category that you choose before integrating your account is only needed for your Sponsored Brands campaigns. Sponsored Products categories are determined dynamically according to your ASIN data.

If you’d like to change the category you selected, simply request a new report with a different selection.


What does my Overall Score mean?

Your overall score is a summary of your PPC performance compared to your direct competitors.

  • Platinum Badge: Top 10%

  • Gold Badge: Top 20%

  • Silver Badge: Top 50%

  • Bronze Badge: Below Top 50%

For maximum accuracy, performance classes are:

  • relative to your sub-category,

  • calibrated by ad format share, and

  • grouped by median percentile.

What does my Growth Potential mean?

The growth potential calculator (currently in Beta) estimates how much your performance could be improved by optimizing your Amazon PPC account. Coming soon: a detailed breakdown of this score will be available to you in the “opportunities” section.

Where does the Performance Funnel data come from?

The Performance Funnel and Return on Investment diagram shows the total KPIs for your entire account’s PPC performance. Incorporating all active formats, this diagram lets you assess your account performance at a glance.

How do I read the Performance Funnel and Return on Investment diagram?

Find detailed instructions here.

Why can’t I see my month-over-month progress?

If you don’t have the option to toggle between your current KPIs and the month-over-month changes, that means this is your first Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] report. Welcome and congratulations!

One month from today, you will receive an updated report for the previous calendar month. At that time, you’ll have a chance to compare your progress to this month’s.

Does the report account for the sales attribution window?

Our internal studies have determined that 90% of ad sales on happen within three days of clicking on the ad. (For less expensive products, up to 80% of ad sales occur after just one day.)

That means that if you’re receiving your Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] report during the first few days of the month, it’s possible that you will be missing out on some portion of your attributed ad sales for the previous month.

Request your report on the 8th day of the month or later (7 day attribution window +1) to make sure sales are reported fully if you are using Sponsored Products only, and on the 15th day of the month or later (14 day attribution window +1) if you are using both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.


How can I make the most of the data in the Product Analysis section?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I identify my top and bottom-performing ASINs quickly?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I improve my products’ ACoS/Conversion rate/click-through rate/CPC?

Find detailed instructions here.

Missing something?

To make sure the analysis is accurate, the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] will only show data for ASINs, campaigns, ad groups or targets that have had at least one impression during the previous calendar month.

For ASINs, an Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) is also required.

That means it’s possible that the Product Analysis section will show fewer products than your Amazon Advertising account, or that this section will have no data for this time period.


What are the account structure benchmarks based on?

The account structure benchmarks are based on a combination of aggregated data and Sellics’ strategic recommendations. We believe account setup is at the heart of a successful Amazon PPC account. Learn more about setting up your account for success.

Why are my total keywords lower here than in my Amazon account?

To make sure our analysis is relevant, we only count keywords which have at least one impression.


What are ad spend distribution benchmarks based on?

The Category Benchmark for ad distribution shows how your direct competitors are allocating their budgets to different formats.

What does it mean if I’m spending less or more on formats than my competitors?

Learn more about our recommendations regarding portfolio diversity here.

How can I learn more about best practices for each ad format?

We have an entire Insights Centre dedicated to helping you succeed on Amazon. To learn more about the fundamentals of Amazon PPC, start here to get an overview of our tried and true best practices.


How can I improve my Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] scores?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I improve my ACoS?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I improve my click-through rate?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I improve my CPC?

Find detailed instructions here.

How can I improve my conversion rate?

Find detailed instructions here.

I’m on a time budget. Which actions should I prioritize?

We recommend starting by improving your CPC - you’ll find detailed instructions here.

Tip: to identify your highest priority ads by product, filter by ad spend in the Product Analysis section.

Where can I share my feedback about the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta]?

Join the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] closed community on Facebook now. There, you’ll have a chance to share your experience, ask questions, and offer suggestions for future iterations.

Plus, get exclusive access to helpful content and a chance to ask questions to advertising expert and Sellics CMO Thomas Ropel.


Data, insights and recommendations from a study of 2 million Sponsored Products campaigns.

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