Sellics offers at the moment 2 different paying subscription plans.

The Advertising Advisor and Managed Services plan:

If you select Sellics Advertising Advisor, you will get access to all features of our software suite and remain in full control of all the decisions you take around your Amazon Advertising campaigns. Once a month, one of our expert advisors will lend you a hand in deciding which strategies to use to increase your success and how to best use our software to achieve your objectives.

The Advertising Advisor plan at a glance:

If you opt for Sellics Advertising Managed Service, you will also have access to all features of our software suite, but one of our trained Advertising Strategists will perform all the actions in your account that are necessary to achieve your objectives. You will not need to spend any time learning how to use the software or implementing your strategy – we will do it for you!

The Sellics Managed Service intersects between an agency and a SaaS model:

General info

Both plans are well suited for brands who want to increase their success with Amazon Advertising with the combined power of actionable insights, automation, and personal help from Sellics experts.

All plans include full access to our Advertising automation, Profit, Content & SEO (including Listing Optimization & Keyword Research database) and Review Management solutions.

Contract duration

The minimum contract length is 3 months for both Sellics Advertising Advisor and Sellics Advertising Managed Service. Your subscription will renew automatically, but you can cancel prior to the next renewal period in your account settings or by directly contacting your account manager (only for Managed Service).

If you want to check out more information about our specific subscriptions make sure to visit our homepage.

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