What is Perpetua and why did Sellics join them?

Perpetua is a state-of-the-art multichannel advertising software originally from Canada. They are one of the global leaders in the space and offer full automation for Amazon advertising (incl. SP, SB, SD & DSP) as well as other platforms such as Walmart & Instacart. We are joining forces with them because we believe this is the best way to achieve our mission of helping brands win in multi-channel e-commerce. We fully intend to combine our team’s abilities and Sellics’ software features with those of Perpetua to deliver an industry-leading solution to you!

How will this affect me and my Sellics account?

Your Sellics account and all features continue to run as usual. We are currently working with Perpetua on how to ensure that our customers can benefit in the best possible way from both feature sets in the future. We will share more details shortly, but you don’t have to worry about anything in the meantime, the full Sellics team will stay on board and be there to support you.

Will my contract change?

As of today, nothing changes. We are working on ways to allow access to the Perpetua suite which will be reflected in future contracts. We will contact you in due time before your next contract renewal to explain how this would look. If your contract renews in the coming weeks, you don’t have to worry about any short notice changes. Things will continue to renew & run as usual unless you want to get early access to Perpetua’s features, in which case please let us know.

Will I need to pay more?

There will be no changes to your ongoing contract. We do not know yet how the future relationship will develop as many new features become available to you, so please stay tuned for updates to be communicated in due time before your upcoming renewal. We do not aim to proceed with any changes without your explicit consent.

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