To get started, your campaign needs to collect data before it can begin making adjustments, so you will not see any changes until day 4 at the earliest. Afterward, it’s absolutely normal to see large performance fluctuations in the first weeks; these will gradually decrease over time.

Your Sellics Smart Campaigns will go through 3 phases

LEARNING PHASE: Give the algorithms time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Expect large performance fluctuations in this phase.

CALIBRATING PHASE: Calibration towards your ACoS goal with various optimization rounds. Performance fluctuations will decrease.

SCALING PHASE: You can now adjust your goals to maximize either your sales or profit, adjusting your ACoS goals accordingly.

Important: Avoid any manual changes to your ACoS goal in the Learning and Calibrating phases. Usually, this will lead to a poorer performance and increase the time required to reach the Scaling Phase. If you want to shorten the Learning and Calibrating phases, read this guide: Fast-Track Your Campaign’s Learning Phase.

Recommendations for Peak Events:

Tip: After creating your Smart Campaigns the feature will set the default bid of your search terms and targets to 1,5 ( for every currency of the marketplace). It is highly suggested that you keep an eye on and change the default bid afterward if it's too high or low for your category. We recommend checking the Benchmarker in order to get an understanding of the average CPC in your category and marketplace.

Check out our Guide for more information:

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