To get started, your campaign needs to collect data before it can begin making adjustments, so you will not see any changes until day 4 at the earliest. Afterward, it’s absolutely normal to see large performance fluctuations in the first weeks; these will gradually decrease over time.

Your Sellics Smart Campaigns will go through 3 phases

LEARNING PHASE: Give the algorithms time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Expect large performance fluctuations in this phase.

CALIBRATING PHASE: Calibration towards your ACoS goal with various optimization rounds. Performance fluctuations will decrease.

SCALING PHASE: You can now adjust your goals to maximize either your sales or profit, adjusting your ACoS goals accordingly.

Important: Avoid any manual changes to your ACoS goal in the Learning and Calibrating phases. Usually, this will lead to a poorer performance and increase the time required to reach the Scaling Phase. If you want to shorten the Learning and Calibrating phases, read this guide: Fast-Track Your Campaign’s Learning Phase.

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