In order to get started with Sellics Smart Campaigns [BETA] we recommend starting with a few products and then scaling to your full portfolio gradually. It is important to choose the right products to maximize your campaigns’ performance. Your advertised products should be retail-ready and have comfortable margins.

Please follow the guidelines below closely to achieve the best results:

The right product: Find one to three ASINS with growth potential.

Resources: Sellics Profit Dashboard

Sellics Benchmarker Report

Products to avoid: Not every product can perform well in Amazon Advertising. It is not recommended to use products with poor conversion rates (red in Sellics Benchmarker), tight margins, low stock, or very low prices (<$10).

Should you start with a top seller?
We don’t recommend using your top seller as the first product you use with Sellics Smart Campaigns [BETA]. Instead, we recommend adding your top seller in the Scaling Phase.

Do you have many Child-ASINS?
If you have many variations of the same product, start with the best-performing one and then add the others manually afterward. To do this, open the AdGroup view in Sellics and select “Edit Ad Group.” You can also add ASINs to your Sellics Smart Campaign in Seller Central.

You can also check this article on how to add ASINS in a Sellics Campaign.

Tip: After creating your Smart Campaigns the feature will set the default bid of your search terms and targets to 1,5 ( for every currency of the marketplace). It is highly suggested that you keep an eye on and change the default bid afterward if it's too high or low for your category. We recommend checking the Benchmarker in order to get an understanding of the average CPC in your category and marketplace.

Check out our Guide for more information:

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