The product dashboard can be accessed from both Profit and also the Dashboard product table. Explore and understand insightful data regarding your products!

---> Where: Dashboard, for all Sellers. If you click on the button "Single Product View":

In the Profit feature you can also simply click on the product detail page in the Product Table after you have selected a specific Marketplace, e.g the German one:

After you click on the product detail page you will be redirected to a new page where you will be able to see all the important data regarding your product.

Performance Charts

The upper part shows the performance of the products in trend charts over time.

Small tooltips will help you how to use this.

The default time frame is currently set to 6 weeks and you can adjust this to pre-configured alternative time frames. 6 weeks is a good time frame to actually see the impact of any changes in your advertising campaigns.

The Diagrams

They show the main KPIs ( Net profit vs Ad Spend) and make it easy to identify how a product is doing (and where you might wanna improve). It will give you a glance at how your advertising spending is influencing your overall profit.

Performance table

The performance table gives you more details about other metrics. With the shown deltas (in % ) we also make it easy to scan through positive or negative development. The coloring is context-aware, so e.g. a higher ACOS is marked red as you normally don't want this while e.g. higher sales are green.

The last row is usually an unfinished time frame so numbers are not compared to the previous period.

Parent ASIN view/product view

The parent ASIN view can be accessed if you come directly from Profit and have selected “group by parent”

The view simply shows all variations with the simple profit number and a link to the child ASIN view/variation view.

If you select the variation via this page the navigation reflects this as well and you can go back to the parent ASIN view via the breadcrumbs

Summary: The Product dashboard is designed to give you all the necessary pieces of information and data you need in order to understand the performance of each of your individual products.

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