In the Listing Optimization tab, you can get a complete overview of how well your content is optimized, directly optimize your content in bulk, and research and add new keywords.

On the other hand, with our Content Monitoring feature, you can easily track every change made to your product listings, whether initiated by Amazon or other 3P sellers.

The first time you upload a product in Manage Products, we will initially read your current listing from Amazon and show it in Listing Optimization.

Every 24 hours, Sellics checks your Amazon listing to make sure that the content that is live on Amazon matches what you have saved in Sellics. If the content does not match, the ASINs are added to Content Monitoring. Note that only products that do have a difference between Amazon and Sellics will show up in Content Monitoring.

If you do not see any of your products in Content Monitoring, it's good news! If the tool is empty it means that all of your live products on Amazon match the content you have saved in Sellics.

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