Sellics offers an easy way to run Google Shopping ads to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings: You pick the ASINs that you want to advertise, commit at least $500 per ASIN and let Sellics do the work. Once the budget has been spent you will receive a detailed performance report. Based on the results you can decide if you want to continue running Google Shopping Ads and how much budget you want to invest.

Note: Our Google Shopping Ads service currently only works for the US marketplace. Furthermore, you need to be signed up to Amazon Brand Registry. If you’re not selling in the US, we will be gradually launching other marketplaces in order of interest we see. You signing up for the waiting list will help the marketplace of your preference get launched faster, while you will also get an invite on the day of the launch.

How to get started

1. Enroll on the waiting list by entering an ASIN you would like to advertise with Google Shopping.

Enter the ASIN:

And its Done!

After you signed up for the waiting list our account management team will reach out to you to discuss the setup and answer any questions you may have. Once the ASINs and the budget is agreed we will ask you to transfer the budget to Sellics so that we can start advertising your products.

Go through the 3 Steps:

Step 1: Select ASINS to advertise and commit a budget per ASIN

Step 2: Sellics creates and runs campaigns on Google Shopping for you

Step 3: Review results and decide how to proceed

To sum it up:
1. Sing up and enter your ASIN you want to advertise with Google Shopping
2. After being connected with our account management you will have to commit the budget
3. Sellics creates & runs Google Shopping Ads
4. You will get monthly reports on the ongoing performance of the campaign
5. Review increment in your PPC sales & plan your next steps together with the Account Manager

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