Sellics offers an easy way to run Google Shopping ads to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings: You pick the ASINs that you want to advertise, commit at least $500 per ASIN and let Sellics do the work. Once the budget has been spent you will receive a detailed performance report. Based on the results you can decide if you want to continue running Google Shopping Ads and how much budget you want to invest.

This page will answer the most important questions about our Google Shopping offering.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping is the product search engine within Google. It allows consumers to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers. Unlike Amazon, consumers don’t check-out on Google shopping. Instead they are redirected to the retailers page where they can then buy the product. There are organic and paid placements on Google Shopping. Google Shopping Ads refer to the paid placements within Google Shopping.

As part of our offering Sellics will run Google Shopping Ads for you and redirect the traffic from Google Shopping Ads to your Amazon listings.

See an example here.

Why should I run Google Shopping Ads for my Amazon products?

Google Shopping Ads help you to increase your sales and organic rankings on Amazon. The more an ASIN sells the higher it will rank on Amazon. By generating external traffic through Google Shopping you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who are not advertising on Google Shopping.

In summary: you don't just generate incremental sales (which is reason enough to run Google Shopping Ads), those incremental sales will help you to improve your organic rankings on Amazon which in turn will lead to more organic sales on Amazon. In other words: each sale generated through Google Shopping will generate additional organic sales on Amazon!

What results can I expect?

Based on our experience results vary a lot depending on the quality of the ASIN. ASINs that are selling well on Amazon will also tend to perform better on Google Shopping than ASINs that are not selling well on Amazon. This is why we recommend to start with your top selling ASINs.

Performance also varies with product categories. Some categories a better suited for Google Shopping than others.

Ultimately, you cannot know how an ASIN performs on Google Shopping without testing it. We offer a very easy and cost efficient way to test Google Shopping for your ASINs and find out if Google Shopping is the right channel for external traffic for you.

Why is there a $500 minimum budget per ASIN?

When you try Google Shopping Ads for an ASIN for the first time your goal should be to get to a reliable conclusion if Google Shopping Ads work for your ASIN or not. Google will typically need some time to learn about your product. In order to get reliable results you need at certain amount of clicks. With $500 most ASINs will get 250-500 clicks which is the minimum to properly assess performance.
You may also start with a higher budget if you have a high volume item and want to accelerate learings.

How much does it cost?

This offering is included in your Sellics subscription i.e. there is no additional charge on top of your monthly Sellics payments.

You only need to pay for the budget that you want us to spend on Google Shopping Ads.

What happens after signing up for the waiting list?

After you signed up for the waiting list our account management team will reach out to you to discuss the setup and answer any questions you may have. Once the ASINs and the budget is agreed we will ask you to transfer the budget to Sellics so that we can start advertising your products.

What do I need to do?

You only need to provide the list of ASINs you want us to advertise and define the budget. Everything else will be covered by Sellics.

Do I need a Google Ads Account?

No, Sellics takes care of this.

Am I eligible?

Our Google Shopping Ads service currently only works for the US marketplace. Furthermore, you need to be signed up to Amazon Brand Registry. If you’re not selling in the US, we will be gradually launching other marketplaces in order of interest we see. You signing up for the waiting list will help the marketplace of your preference get launched faster, while you will also get an invite on the day of the launch.

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